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How do I calculate my floor area?

How to measure your floor area?

Its a difficult job working out the floor area of your room especially if it is an uneven shape. It can be broken down into stages and with a little be of knowledge you can turn it into a simple measuring task. We hope we can help you through the measuring process below.

When your room is a rectangular shape then calculating the dimensions is easy. You simply measure the width of the room and the length of the room and multiply the two figures.

If the shape of the room is not rectangular and it has little alcoves of the main body of the room then it is best to split the room up into smaller squares and rectangular shapes and calculate each one individually and add them together.

 Converting square feet to square metres

Most companies like to work in meters its easy to convert. A square foot is approx 0.093 square metres and 0.333 sq yards therefore by multiplying your square foot by 0.093 or 0.333 you should get the amount of square metres or yards required.

For example: Your floor area is estimated to be 225 square feet.

225 sq ft x 0.093 = 21 m2. (rounded to the nearest meter)

Wastage with your engineered wood flooring.

With engineered floors, the standard wastage is 5% so don’t forget to add that on at the end. Here at Dublin Floors and Doors we are very proud of our top class fitting service. Very competitively pricing. Performed by professionals with years of experience. Our workmanship is guaranteed. So if you ring us we can talk you through this process or call out to your home for a free quote.

Service Areas

Distance is no object. We regularly fit floors, doors etc in the following service areas counties such as Dublin, Dublin, and Meath are no problem. We always ensure that we leave all rooms where floors and doors have been fitted in a clean and tidy condition.

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